Users Guide


Main Library Guide
( for the users inside the university )

Updated: Apr. 1, 2014

Access to the library: Address & Phones, Library hours, Service hours
How to use the library: How to use, Circulation, Loan Limits & Periods
Materials & Utilities: Classification system, Location of the materials, Floor plan
Services: Search tools, Reference service, Inter-library service, Book Purchase Request
Other: Suggestion Box, Notices


Address & Phones

Yamagata University Main Library
  • 1-4-12, Kojirakawa-machi, Yamagata-shi, Yamagata, 990-8560 Japan
  • Service desk ( Phone: 023-628-4914, Fax: 023-628-4915 )
  • Access Map (Japanese)

Library hours

exam period
During vacation*
Monday to Friday 8:45-21:00 8:45-21:45 8:45-17:00
Saturday, Sunday
& National holidays
11:00-18:00 10:00-18:00 Closed
  • During vacations*, the library is closed on Sunday, Saturday, and National holidays.
  • Any changes in the opening or service hours will be posted.
  • *During vacation  (except for the department of medicine)
    • Spring vacation (Feb 20 – Apr 4)
    • Summer vacation (Aug 1 – Sep 30)
    • Winter vacation(Dec 25 – Jan 10)

Service hours

Services Monday to Friday Saturday,Sunday, National holidays
Semester Exam period  vacation Semester
Reading room (1-3F) 8:45-21:00 8:45-21:45 8:45-17:00 11:00-18:00
Reading room (4-5F) 8:45-19:00 8:45-19:00 8:45-17:00 11:00-17:00
Circulation 8:45-20:30 8:45-21:15 8:45-16:30 11:00-17:30
Closed stacks 8:45-20:30 8:45-21:15 8:45-16:30 11:00-17:30
Copy Machine 8:45-20:50 8:45-21:35 8:45-16:50 11:00-17:50
PC plaza, AV Plaza 8:45-20:50 8:45-21:35 8:45-16:50 11:00-17:50
Printout 8:45-20:30 8:45-21:15 8:45-16:30 11:00-17:30
Laptop computer
Seminar room
Inter-library service
Reference service 8:45-12:15, 13:30-16:45 8:45-12:15, 13:30-16:45 8:45-12:15, 13:00-16:45 Closed


How to use

  • Users
    • All students, faculty members, and staff at this university.
    • Other people who live or work or study in Yamagata.
  • Library card
    • If you are student at this university, your sutdent ID card is your library card.
    • When you need a library card, please come to the service desk.
  • Reading
    • Open shelf collection :
      You can use the open shelf materials in the reading room freely. After use, please put the book back in the same place where you found them.
    • Closed stacks collection :
      General users cannot enter the stack room. To request books or journals on closed stacks, please obtain the call mark from the catalogs, and present it to the service desk. Faculty members and graduate students are able to enter the closed stacks. Please apply to the service desk.
  • Book detection system
    • Book detection system(BDS) is set in the entrance.
    • When the alarm is ringing, please follow the indication of the staff.


  • Checkout
    • The library card is required for checkout.
    • If you want to check out the book, please come to the service desk with the book and your library card.
  • Renewal
    • If no one else has requested the book you borrowed, you can renew that for one more loan period.
    • If you want to renew the book, please come to the service desk with the book and your library card.
  • Reservations
    • You can reserve the book borrowed by other user.
    • If you want to reserve the book, please come to the service desk.
  • Return
    • Please return the books you borrowd to the service desk.
    • When the library is closed, please return books to the book drop box.
    • Please observe the due date
  • Overdue
    • If you have an overdue book, you cannot borrow and reserve any books, as penalty.
    • This penalty continues until the day after the same period as number of overdue days from returning the book.
    • In case of overdue, please return the book promptly.

Loan Limits & Period

Loan Limits Loan Period Renewal
Open shelf collection 20 vols 3 weeks Once
Closed stacks collection 50 vols 1 year
( Graduate / Special training course / Senior )
30 vols 4 weeks Once
( except the above ) & Staff
20 vols 3 weeks Once


Classification system

  • In this library, the books are sorted by subject according to NDC (Nippon Decimal Classification).
Summary of the Nippon Decimal Classification Table : 8th ed.
number 0 1 2 3 4
Subject General
Philosophy History Social
number 5 6 7 8 9
Subject Technology.
The Art.
Fine Art
Language Literature


Location of the materials

Materials Floor & Location
Current books 1st floor In front of service desk
Study support corner Support plaza(East side)
Job hunting support corner
Audio-visual materials (video/LD/DVD)
Reference books Maps, Catalogs, Abstracts, Indexes, etc South side
Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Year books, etc
White Papers, from 1989
International information corner
Current issues 2nd floor BE-plaza(Browsing booth)
Today’s newspapers
Newspapers. reduced size ed. South side
Books NDC, from 0 to 1
NDC, from 2 to 3 West side
NDC, from 4 to 9 3rd floor West side
Japanese periodicals The title starting with A-L 4th floor
The title starting with M-Z 5th floor
Closed books Stack room
Foreign journals
Periodicals published by the University
Microfilms,Microfiches If you want to use those materials, please inquire at the service desk.
Antiquarian books and documents (The Nakajoke collection, The Ounikki etc.)
Special collections (The Takahashi collection, The Sakuma collection etc.)
  • There is a part of materials in the closed stacks collection and the laboratories. If you want to use those materials,   please inquire at the service desk.

Floor plan


Floor Name Description
1st Bulletin board (entrance) Information. (Event, Overdue book, About purchase request, Answer for Suggestion etc.)
Service desk Circulation and applications (Audio-visual, Private room and so on.)     Reference service, applications for inter-library service, and various question about use of the library.
PC plaza, AV plaza(Video booth) There are personal computers, videos and DVDs. Headphone for video or DVD, please inquire at the service desk.
Support Plaza There are some corners for job hunting and study support.
Theatre room Projection machinery is kept in this room, and the screening party (Yamagata international documentary film festival et al.) is performed.
2nd BE plaza(Browsing booth) There are newly arrived magazines, and newspaper of that day.
Seminar room There are 3 seminar rooms on 2nd floor. All students and faculties can use the rooms. If you want to use  that, please come to the service desk with your library card.
Private room for professors emeritus (Seminar room No.4) The same as above, when there is no reservation by the day before.
3rd Seminar room (for using new media) There are 4 seminar rooms for using new media materials on 3rd floor. All students and faculties can use the rooms. If you want to use that, please come to the service desk with your library card.



Floor Name Description
1st to 4th OPAC/catalog terminals This is the book searchable machine. The OPAC terminals are available on each floor except 5th floor.
1st to 3rd Wireless LAN access point You can access the internet wirelessly on your laptop computer. Please ask NCSC(Network and Computing Service Center) about how to use.
1st Self-service copy machine There are 2 copy machine on the 1st floor. If you want to make a photocopy of the material of this library, please inquire at the service desk, and make it yourself by this machine. Photocopying is limited by the copyright law. Please surely obey that.
Microfilm reader This is the machine for reading microfilms and microfiches. If you want to use that, please inquire at the service desk.
CD-ROM terminal This is the terminal for using CD-ROM materials.



Floor Name Description
1st Rare books exhibition This is exhibiting ‘Nakajo-ke’ collection and more rare books on the library.
each floor Open       gallery The library is exhibiting the art works created by students. This exhibition is in association with the Faculty of Education, Art and Science.


Search tools

We provide the following book search tools.

  • OPAC : Online catalog
    • By using OPAC, You can easily search for books and journals in the library.
    • The OPAC is accessible on the OPAC terminaland other internet accessible computers.
    • English version OPAC is here.
  • Online database
    • Some online databases for searching for documents are available on the library.
    • The database for Japanese documents is ‘CiNii Articles / CiNii Books
    • And The database for foreign documents is ‘Web of Science‘.
    • And other more databases are available. ex. ‘MathSciNet’.
  • Online journal
    • Over 5,000 online journal titles are available in Yamagata University.
    • Please use them at the PC plaza.
    • Available titles is searchable. Please use from the link below.


My Library

  • My Library” is personal portal service.
  • You can check the borrowed books by My Library.
  • Yamagata University inner staffs or students can use this service.
  • If you want to get your password, please come to the service desk.
  • Please utilize My Library for your research and study.

Reference service

  • If you have question, please inquire at the service desk.

    Question example:

    • Tell me how to use computers in the library.
    • Where is this book in the library?
    • The book which I search for is not found. Which library has this book?
    • Are there any books about this theme?
    • and etc.

Inter-library copy service

Copy service (Other library’s materials)
  • If you want to use books or journals in other library, you can request the inter-library copy service.
  • When you request this service, please fill in the application form and   make a request at the service desk.
  • The cost for the service is 35 yen to 60 yen per page and postage.
  • It takes about one or two weeks for you to receive photocopies.
  • Before request, please check the OPAC to see if the Library owns that.

Inter-library loan service

Loan service (Other library’s materials)
  • If you want to use books in other library, you can request the  inter-library loan service.
  • When you request the service, please fill in the application form and make  a request at the service desk.
  • The cost for the service is fee and postage.
  • It takes about one or two weeks for you to receive the book.
  • Before request, please check the OPAC to see if the Library owns that.

Book delivery service (YU library’s materials)

  • If you want to use the book in other libraries in this university, you can order the book to the libraries.
  • When you request this service, please fill in the application form and make a request at the service desk.
  • The cost for the service is charge-free.
  • It takes a few days for you to receive the book.

Personal visits

Personal visits (Other library use)
  • If you want to use other university library, please inquire at the service  desk.

Book Purchase Request

  • Students of this university can request the books which are not in Main library.
  • If you want to request, please fill in the application form and put it into the request box on the 1st floor stairs side.
  • After examining the contents and the like of the book, we are going to purchase.

    However on this service, we cannot purchase the book  of below type.

    • Serial publications (journals and magazines), reference books, exam prep books.
    • Too cheap or too expensive books.
  • Notice of this service is posted on the bulletin board.

Suggestion box

  • If you have any opinions or suggestion to us, please write it in the   paper, and put it into the suggestion box on the 1st floor stairs side.

Library Guidance

  • We give various library guidance:  ex. Library tour for freshmen. How to search articles by the online databases.
  • The guidance schedule is informed by the bulletin board and the library web site. Please come in the guidance.


  • Please keep the rules and follow instructions of the staff. In case of a person who breaks the rules would be refused to use the library.
  • Please do not write in and break the library materials.
  • In the library, please be quiet and do not bother other users.

    Prohibited matters in this library:

    • Food and drink.(Excluding specified drinks)
    • Chat on a cell-phone.
  • If you do not understand how to use this library, please ask to the staff freely.