Library Guide


Yamagata University Agricultural Library

1-23 Wakaba-machi, Tsuruoka-shi, Yamagata, 997-8555 JAPAN
TEL: 0235-28-2810 / FAX: 0235-28-2815

Library hours

Semester During vacation*
Monday – Friday 8:45-17:00
For opening hours after 17:00, please check the opening calendar on the Faculty of Agriculture Library website.
Saturday, Sunday
and National holidays
For opening information, please check the opening calendar on the Faculty of Agriculture Library website. Closed

*During vacation
Spring* Feb.20 – Apr.8
Summer* Aug.1 – Sep.30
Winter* Dec.25 t- Jan.10

Closed days

Saturday, Sunday and National holidays(During vacation)
The year-end and New Year’s holiday.
University Foundation Day Oct.15


If you want to check out the book, please come to the service desk with the book.
Do not take books out of the library without completing necessary procedures.
When materials are improperly taken out of the library, an electric signaling device, which is installed at exit gate, will make buzzing sound.

Loan Limits

(including research students)
5 books 2 weeks
Graduate students
(including doctoral students)
10 books 5 weeks


Books can be renewed once unless the book has been requested by someone else.


Please return the borrowed books to the service desk.
When the library is closed, please return books to the book drop box.
Library card(Student ID card) is not necessary.
Please observe the due date.

Reading in the library

Reading materials of any field in open-shelf reading room in the 1st floor can be used freely.
After use, please put the materials back in the same place where you found them.(Materials are arranged according to the classification numbers. Other users will be unable to find the materials if they are put in a different shelf)
Undergraduate theses that the library houses are those of students graduating until March 1994. The theses of students graduating from March 1995 onwards are kept in respective laboratories.
Newspapers and general education materials are placed in the hall at the 2nd floor, and can also be used freely.

How to find library materials

OPAC(Online Public Access Catalog) terminal is placed in the open-shelf reading room in the 1st floor.

Facilities and equipment in the library

Section Facilities and equipment
2F Reading room
Service desk
Reading desks(48 seats)
Internet PC(7 seat)
1F Open-shelf reading room Reading desks(72 seats)
OPAC PC(1 seat)
Academic journal
Copy machines(2 machines one for users, another for staffs)
Undergraduate, Master and Doctoral thesis
Stack room Stack collection 3F(Japanese materials, Academic journal)
2F(Foreign materials, Academic journal)
1F(Japanese materials, Academic journal)

Using the stack room

Please enter the stack rooms with caution, as some parts of the rooms have low ceilings, and there is a jutting out on the base of the third floor. Books and journals are shelved according to the classification below, and therefore, after use, please check carefully and put them back to their original place.

First floor
Japanese journals
Title starting with A – S
Second floor
foreign books & journals
(000: General works – 900: Literature) books
(A – Z) journals
Third floor
Japanese books & journals
(000: General works /
100: Philosophy /
200: History /
300: Social Sciences /
400: Natural science /
500: Technology, Engineering /
700: The Art, Fine Art /
800: Language /
900: Literature) books
(S – Z) journals

Reference service

The reference service is offered to support studies, surveys, and researches.
Users are encouraged to ask such questions as the location of materials, the use of reference materials, and information retrieval.
If you have question, please inquire at the service desk.

Document photocopying

Black-and-white copy machine can be used for 10 yen per page, after filling in “Duplication Request Form.”
To use color copy machine, user needs a copy card of the professor or lecturer.
User who does not have copy card needs to take the procedure of copy lending service at the counter.

Inter-library-loan(Copy service)

Materials not held by this library can be borrowed from other university libraries.(only for university professors and graduate students)

Book delivery (Yamagata University Library’s materials)

If you want to use other Yamagata University Library’s book, you can order the book.
When you request this service, please fill in the application form and make a request at the service desk.
The cost for the service is charge-free.
It takes a few days for you to receive the book.

Other rules to be observed

  • Keep quiet in the library. Whispering and any actions that might disturb others are not allowed.
  • Handle library materials with care to avoid any damage.
  • Readers are expected to pay for lost or damaged materials.
  • Do not take books out of the library without completing necessary procedures. When materials are improperly taken out of the library, the electric signaling device, which is installed at exit gate, makes buzzing sound.
  • Eating and drinking are not allowed. Do not bring any food, gum, juice, etc. in the library except bottled water or non-sugared tea in the container with lid.
  • No smoking in the library.
  • Do not use the cell-phone.
  • Ignoring the library rules or staff’s instruction can cause the suspension of user’s right of utilizing the library.