The Benibana Historical Museum
The Benibana Historical Museum is a digital museum presenting information on resources relating to the history and culture of "benibana" (safflower in English) stored in the Yamagata University Library and Museum. The information is based on safflower-related research resources found in Yamagata Prefecture and other areas as well. The result of the research is organized in databases, and presented to the public in easy to understand plain language.

This work is based on the campus-wide project "Organizing regional academic resources on the history and culture of safflower into databases for general dissemination," Yamagata University, 2004-2005

Database of documents & pictures Books & periodicals (full-text documents) Benibana resource database Specimen, Arts & Pictures Benibana-related movies Other references
1.Iseya Gensuke Family documents
  2.Other documents
1.List of benibana-related books
  2.List of benibana-related articles
  3.Creative cooking recipes using benibana
  4.Benibana map
1. Search catalog of benibana documents
  2.Search index of benibana references
  3.Search benibana indices
1.List of benibana-related drawings
  2.Resources of benibana-related specimen and other items
  3.Resources of benibana-related pictures
1. List of movie resources
  1.Mini-tutorial on benibana
  2.Examples from schoolchildren's interdisciplinary projects
  3.List of links to benibana-related sites
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